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To show our appreciation to all our customers effort to refer people to us, because we understand that more percentage of our customers get to know us by being referred by other satisfied customers. We have therefore implemented a referral program in terms of reward to show our appreciation to our customers who refer others to us.

How does it work ?

A unique referral link has been created for every registered customer whether verified or UN-verified, you can share your link via email,Whatsapp,Instagram, Facebook, blog etc to get people to sign up under you.

How much will I earn?

Anyone who click on this link and register on our website becomes your referral and you will receive % of their total transactions both on their BUY and SELL order for a life time.

This simply means any time they buy or sell on our website, you will get commission For example, if the person you referred did a transaction of N1,000,000 on our website, you will receive % of 1,000,000 which is N0

If the person did a transaction of N2,000,000 you will receive N0 If the person did a transaction of N20,000,000 you will receive N0 And so on.

Commission can be withdrawn into your SnappyExchange wallet which you can withdraw directly into your bank account or you can use the same to purchase any of our services.

NOTE: The minimum withdrawal is N2500.


Referring oneself is a fraud! You cannot refer yourself in anyway (either in disguise or open). We have put security mechanisms to check this type of fraud. Any account detected to have perpetuated this type of fraud will have all commission earned frozen at the point of withdrawal and account closed by the admin.

How do I start ?

It is very simple to start. Just copy your referrer link below and start telling people about snappy exchange.

snappy exchange


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